An Instant of Intensity


Our Philosophy

Independent since 1863, Camus has upheld an uncompromising family philosophy for five generations.


VSOP Borderies Single Estate

The Borderies range identifies Single-Estate Cognacs exclusively produced from CAMUS own magnificent vineyards in the smallest CRU of the region, praised for their intensely aromatic profile. The aromatic quality of Camus’ VSOP has been acclaimed by international judges receiving the largest number of VSOP Cognac awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition from 2013 to 2018.

Creating Cognacs of Unrivaled Intensity

Our Process

At a time when flavors are being increasingly standardized and marketing is sometimes placed ahead of the product, only truly passionate people can have the courage required to unleash the genuine essence of the Terroir and reflect it into Cognacs of unrivaled intensity.

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CAMUS Mixology

Explore our delectable recipes created through exclusive collaborations with worldwide praised mixologists.


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