Patrick Pistolesi

Half Italian, half Irish, Patrick Pistolesi is a Japanese culture enthusiast with a passion for drinks with a kick.

Dilution is a key factor in contemporary mixology linked to the growing trend of low-abv cocktails. The highball style represents a versatile way of appreciating our intensely aromatic Cognacs as is the tradition in Japan. Patrick Pistolesi works tirelessly in his Drink Kong bar in Rome to create highballs that enhance the key features of the base spirit, while ensuring a very refreshing result in the glass.

Drawing inspiration from the intense floral notes in CAMUS range of Cognacs, he has created a cocktail which goes to the origin of Cognac-making by using amongst the ingredients, fresh grape juice. Extremely easy to make, this highball is a perfect for any aperitif.

Highball Haut CAMUS

Highballs are a simple type of cocktails, often including just 2 ingredients: a spirit and a carbonated drink.Low temperature and quality of the ice play a key role to obtain a perfect dilution, releasing all the pleasant aromas contained into the spirit. For our Haut Camus, Patrick Pistolesi has worked on the addition of a third element, the grape juice, which matches the fresh fruity notes of our VSOP.



200ml soda water
100ml grape juice
Garnish with a zest of organic orange


Pour the Cognac in a highball glass over large cubes of ice.
Add the grape juice and the soda.
Add a zest of orange.


A fresh aperitif for any season, easy to make, also to be enjoyed alongside simple dishes with dinner.


The VSOP with the deepest floral aromas in the category.


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